While Mojang’s default Minecraft launcher is okay, there are many FOSS third-party alternatives that offer tons of extra features. For example with Prism Launcher and ATLauncher, you can install and update mods from Modrinth or CurseForge within the launcher with one or two clicks! They let you install and update modpacks as well.

These launchers contain separated “instances” with completely separate settings, resource packs, shaders, etc, but this can be solved by using the Shared Resources mod or manually creating symbolic links.

I personally use Prism and can’t guarantee that all of the features are available in other launchers as well.

Some cool features

I can just click a button to add Quilt, Fabric or Forge to an instance!

In just two clicks, I can update all of my mods in an instance!


Here is the installation pages for both, which contain instructions. I personally recommend Prism Launcher, but ATLauncher is a good choice as well.